When you have a slow season or you’re firing off a ton of ideas, write them down! Creating a content strategy doesn’t mean you have to write a novel. Start small. Start with what you know and grow from there. 

Don’t know where to start? Here are some content ideas.


Holidays are an easy source of content. You can tailor your content strategy around holiday sales, events, or activities.


Seasons are similar to holidays. Break it down into lists of things to do throughout the season that involve your product or service. You could do a week-to-week breakdown of activities, or a weekly sale/special.


Make it a week of flash sales, or up the hype about your regular or annual sales. If a sale is coming, start promoting it a couple weeks in advance.


Testimonials are an easy way to get user-generated content where you aren’t the only one talking about how great you are. They’re easy to collect, too. Ask people to fill out a survey for a discount. Or, once a service is completed, ask for a customer evaluation.

Local Love

You’re human too! Don’t let your followers forget that you live in your city too. Share your favorite spots around your office to grab lunch or a drink, or your guide to your hometown.

Behind the Scenes

Along those same lines, share stuff behind the scenes. People love to know that you love what you do and they enjoy getting to know the people behind their favorite shop/restaurant/service. Introduce members of your team and their stories, share how your business began, or share snapshots of everyday life.


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