Introducing MKA Collective; A collaborative partnership between Novella Brandhouse, McDonnell Kinder & Associates, and Hermanos Design. Our team combines excellence in marketing and branding, restaurant and menu innovation, and architectural design to offer full-service solutions for your food concept.

MKA Collective is a foodservice and retail brand development agency, innovating menus, food and beverage products, strategies, campaigns and the customer experience. Our branding and culinary expert team eliminates the complexities of working with multiple agencies and zeros in on the unique challenges faced by brands in the foodservice space. Our experience allows us to see opportunities that others don’t.

What we offer:

Brand and Campaign Strategy

Let’s re-introduce your brand. Our brand strategy process uncovers opportunities and sheds light on understanding what the target audience needs from the brand. We’ll create a visual suite and campaign that adapts with you across the entire customer experience.

New Product Development

Our team works in partnership with our manufacturing clients from ideation through prototype development, commercial bridging, fine-tuning and product launch.

Manufacturing and Foodservice Solutions

Utilizing a vast list of key contacts across foodservice industries, our process begins with identifying trends, then moves to white paper concept ideation, culinary development, ingredient specification, studio photography and finally, the tasting presentation.

Architectural Design

Our team creates a restaurant space that reflects your brand identity, enhances the dining experience, delights your guests and ensures operational efficiency.


MKA Collective works with equity groups, major and regional chains, managed services, entertainment chains and hotel chains.

On each project, our expertise may include brand development, communication strategies, restaurant design and architectural layouts, equipment specifications, menu development, wine strategies, beverage strategies, china, glass and silver ideas, ingredients and product specifications, staffing guides, job descriptions, operational manuals, training and launch support.

How it works: 

All the ingredients

From innovation to execution, we ideate every part of the culinary experience including brand strategy and audience, food and beverage products, operational and architectural design, marketing campaigns, and strategic partnerships.

A restaurant is more than the food. It’s about the feeling you get when you walk in the door. The emotion that comes from being in the room. It’s the decor, the staff, the beverages, and the menu. While the food may be at the core, the personality of your brand and how it interacts in the real world is a holistic experience that must mingle at every touchpoint to succeed.

It’s an experience

Our model is built around experience—our team and yours coming to the table for a full sensory brand experience. This collaboration is the crucial ingredient to your brand’s success and our philosophy.

Every engagement includes a brand session that any foodie would kill to be invited to. Unlike other presentations, you’ll join a table of culinary creatives dedicated to your project while you explore flavors, share ideas, and begin savoring your brand in a whole new way.

Innovation in action

After collaboration, ideation and approval, we move our collective idea into action to achieve your vision. At MKA Collective, your ideas come alive. The collective is a hands-on team of culinary, operational, design, and brand experts including leading brand strategists, top-level chefs, interior experts, and innovative creatives who bring your vision to life.

With our deep understanding of the restaurant industry, our team ensures that every aspect of your business is carefully considered and seamlessly integrated.

Who we serve: 

An MKA Collective ideal client understands that along with creating new menu items or products, you need a comprehensive solution that is a coordinated approach. Looking for an agency to bring you innovative menu items, creative campaigns and everything in between? We’ve got you.

Restaurants, Hotel, and Hospitality Brands 

Does this feel familiar? You’re seeking menu innovation but the real pain point is most likely the brand. While the menu might need a revamp, the food and beverage strategies are just the tip of the iceberg and not the real issue. It’s also a brand issue and brand-building strategy.

You’ve been tasked with increasing sales and finding a solution for underperforming units and every day you feel the pressure to get or stay competitive. The team is focused on operations and the day-to-day marketing but you need fresh ideas. That’s where MKA Collective comes in. We bring innovative ideas and operational expertise to help implement the food, beverage, campaign and architectural changes needed to bring the vision to life so you can delight your guests.

New Foodservice Brands, Food Manufacturers, National Food Boards 

Creating a new restaurant concept or food product is fun but where do you start? Do you need help refining a business plan; creating the brand, and developing the restaurant (design, menu, operations and opening)? You’re in the right place.

Have an idea or a food concept for a restaurant, food brand or product but lack the real estate experience for site selection plus expertise in restaurant and kitchen design, mechanical and architectural layouts, equipment specifications and design, menu development, wines strategies, beverage strategies, china, glass and silver, ingredients and product specifications, staffing guides, job descriptions, operational manuals, training and full launch support? 

With 50+ years in the industry, our experience and relationships transcend the food and beverage industries. As we innovate and create a new culinary direction for your brand, we connect you with strategic partners to help you scale.

The MKA Collective team is cooking up your industry’s next innovation and bringing it to the right plate. 




Novella Brandhouse is certified by the state of Missouri and the City of Kansas City, Missouri as a Women Business Enterprise (WBE) & Small Local Business Enterprise (SLBE).

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