Novella Studio

Is there a photographer in the house?

Novella Studio is an in-house photography and content creation department. The Studio group works alongside the creative and marketing teams to produce photography and social media content that will get your brand noticed.

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Social media content

AD Campaigns

Social Media posting

Visual Brand Photo Assets

Campaign Image Library

Solving Your Social Dilemmas

Navigating social media platforms such as TikTok, Instagram and LinkedIn can be difficult. What do you post? How often? Which trends are on-brand for you and which aren’t? 

Our team of photography and social media specialists helps you determine what’s relevant, what’s sought out, and where content should be posted. We approach social media with sound strategy and help you produce content that will boost your brand. 

A Library of Your Brand’s Best Angles

Why does your brand need original photography? Because you’ll own the perfect photo for any occasion. Your photo library can have it all – images for your website, social media, digital marketing, pitch decks, brochures, and more. Plus you won’t have to worry about usage rights. 

Here’s What You Can Get:
Product shots
Videos of your product in use
Pictures of your environment – the office, retail shop, factory floor, or restaurant
Headshots and team photos
Portfolio work
Food and lifestyle
Social media content creation (we can post for you too!)

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