Introducing Novella Studio


We are excited to introduce a new level of the Brandhouse that will bring your brand story to life in even more vivid detail: Novella Studio.

What is Novella Studio? The Studio group works alongside the Brandhouse creative and marketing teams to create photography and social media content that will get your brand noticed. Novella Studio heightens brand awareness by offering creative services that respond more quickly and strategically to emerging trends. We collaborate with you to create a top-notch visual suite wherever it’s displayed–a website, social media, a billboard, or in print. 

Our original photography and video content will enhance your storytelling and can be used for social media posts, paid social media campaigns, digital and ad campaigns, and collateral.

And the biggest, best news yet…we will be joined by Jenny Wheat, our new content director. For nearly two decades, Jenny has been working with brands to help them tell their story through photography and content. As a commercial photographer by trade, she leads the content creation department called Novella® Studio.

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