Part 2 of 3: Decoding Success on Pinterest series

In the last post discussing our Pinterest restoration, we spoke on the importance of consistency and its impact on your performance. Once you have mastered the routine of posting and pinning, it is time to dig deeper into how these posts work in the algorithm. 

Pinterest offers a variety of content forms. The standard pin, or still frame photo, is a cult classic however there are many other ways to post. Video pins, carousels, and idea pins are all a part of the Pinterest family, and using them to your advantage can exponentially boost your page. 

When posting standard pins it is best to keep the image/graphic simple. It is important to note that with Pinterest the viewer must choose to click on your post to read the caption and find out more information about your business. It is crucial to keep graphics simplistic and colorful. It is also essential to include text overlay and logos/branding over images so that the viewer can see who the post is from and what the post is about.

Video pins are not as common as the standard still frame photo but Pinterest rewards video! The algorithm appreciates when a video comes up, and pushes it on more pages than other posts. Videos must be kept short, between six and fifteen seconds; it is also crucial to know that most viewers do not use audio on Pinterest. Therefore, it is necessary to include captions for any audio used in the video.

These tips overlap with our advice for idea pins, which serve as a type of highlight reel of your account. You can use idea pins to share what your account or business is about and advertise your website or other social media. 

After testing a multitude of post types, we found that the classic pin turned in the lowest performance. It is the most common, and the app is oversaturated with them. Idea pins quickly became the best achieving posts, with 946 views compared to the 10-20 views other posts received around the same time. Video pins came in second, performing behind idea pins but better than the classic pin. If you are new to Pinterest, we recommend regularly posting idea pins as well as other post forms to bring traffic to your page and get people to subscribe. 


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