Part 3 of 3: Decoding Success on Pinterest series

In our last two posts, we went over the basics of the Pinterest algorithm and how to use it to bolster activity on your account. Today we are talking about how to use captions to push your content to the correct audience, and how to use others’ content and boards to gain viewers. 

Captions are how you connect with your viewer so it is important to get personal. Pointing captions directly at the viewer leads to more likelihood of the viewer clicking the links you provide and following your account; you can accomplish this by using words like you or your. A call to action is also imperative to achieve these goals, do not assume that viewers will click on the link and follow, remind them in the caption. It is also necessary to incorporate popular keywords into your captions and use hashtags as well to make the post more search-relevant. 

We were surprised to learn that boards are just as valuable to business pages as they are to personal accounts. Boards that showcase your content, as well as others’ content, are imperative to a successful page. Business accounts should create a handful of boards that do not specifically involve what the business is, but the smaller aspects of the brand including mission and values. 

The Pinterest algorithm rewards creatively named boards rather than simple or broad ones. When we began to edit the Novella account, we started with the renaming of our boards. The board filled with all Novella content went from being named simply Novella to Novella Originals. The board for fun illustrations and paintings was renamed from Illustrations to Paint The Town. The results are minimal, but adding creative names to boards gives a flair to Pinterest pages and encourages users to dig deeper into what you are pinning. 

The suggestions we have found throughout our research have exponentially changed our Pinterest account and allowed us to begin to build our engagement. Without implementing these strategies we would likely be in the same spot as August 2021.

After implementing these changes, our page’s engagement is up 67%, impressions are up 143%, and our total audience has grown 141%. We hope that you take these tips into account as you begin to build your Pinterest and lead to as much, or more, success as we have had. 

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