Part 1 of 3: Decoding Success on Pinterest series

Over the past several months, the Novella Pinterest account has undergone extensive changes. When looking back at our 2021 Pinterest performance, we knew it could be working harder for us. It was time to give more attention to our Pinterest, but we were unsure of what practices to begin implementing.

Should we use video? What is the best image size or type of image? What should our strategy be around boards? We began searching for answers and discovering what really makes a successful Pinterest account. 

Our Findings

  • Add links that lead to more information on posts 
  • Remind viewers to click the link in the caption
  • Use a content planner to have posts go up at an ideal time for the Pinterest algorithm 
  • Holidays lead to a spike in activity; post often during these times 
  • Use a variety of content types: carousels, standard images, videos, idea pins  

Consistency is Key 

This is a term you have heard a thousand times but, it has never been more true than when it comes to Pinterest. Novella’s most successful Pinterest weeks occurred when we were active on boards, pinning content and interacting with the app as a user and as a content creator.

Interestingly, interaction and views drop drastically during weeks when we are a less active user, even if we are still posting regularly. The Pinterest algorithm appreciates when a user consistently uses the website, rewarding creators who do this by boosting their content. 

These tips have certainly helped us begin to build our Pinterest engagement, and the data backs up these claims. Compared to our August 2021 data, our impressions are up 143%, engagements are up 67%, and our total audience has grown 141%. We hope these points help you launch your account or boost your existing one and remember, consistency is the key. 

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