AMPS 2018 Gold – External Agency on behalf of a Government/Education Institution – Multi-Channel

In the midst of a changing retail scene, Brooksiders have held onto their pride in local business. This ongoing campaign aims to increase awareness of Brookside as a local business retail and services destination by promoting the local brand of Brookside and showcasing the Faces of Brookside. These hard-working business owners love the area and are often working daily in the shops themselves, talking to customers and shelving new product that they curated. Small business is a labor of love and we wanted to show the hearts behind the storefronts.


Challenge: In the second year of Faces of Brookside, our posts and features evolved to fit the ever-changing social atmosphere.

Strategy/Resources: We do this through compelling storytelling through interviewing a business owner once a month, learning about their business and their heart behind it, taking photos, and then sharing them in a story-driven format on Facebook and Instagram. We evolved by using Instagram Stories to tell the whole story with in-depth interviews with local business owners that includes photos, videos, and stylized graphics. We cataloged our videos using Instagram highlights so that throughout the year, visitors can still get to know our merchants. We continue to post long-form posts and videos on Facebook that continued to earn positive social response.


Throughout 2018, our Faces of Brookside campaign continued to grow as followers continued to champion local business in Brookside. Business owners feel encouraged when the responses online overflow with devotion to their store, and the outpour of sharing and engagement allows new followers to see that their friends and family value shopping local.

Facebook: Lifetime post reach on Faces of Brookside 2018 posts reached 44,470 people, a 66% increase compared to 2017. Impressions year-over-year increased by 35% (from 46,647 to 63,396). Engaged users more than doubled as posts engaged with 3,025 users, an 192% increase compared to 2017.

Instagram: Our 2018 Faces of Brookside posts on Instagram reached 8,862 users, made 11,383 impressions and were discovered by 6,402 users.