Instead of typical news sources like newspapers or TV news stations, Gen Z is getting their news primarily from Twitter, TikTok, and various other social media outlets. Being the first generation to grow up entirely with social media and internet access, they are also the first generation that has used these platforms as a complete news source.

GenZ obtains their news from various social media platforms. A study done in February 2022 by Amy Watson, a media researcher with a focus on the impact of digital media, shows that 50% of GenZ respondents use social media as a source for news on a daily basis. It also reveals that GenZ uses smartphones as their main device to access news.

The number one social media platform America’s 35 and under age group utilizes to find news is Twitter, with Instagram following in a close second. Instead of opening a web browser or visiting a specific news brand, GenZ opens a social media app on their smartphone. 

What does this mean for brands?
If you have spent time around anyone who falls into GenZ (ages 10-25), this information probably isn’t surprising to you. But, what does this mean for branding and marketing? Well, it means your brand has to have a large presence on all social media platforms, using the various tools available on these networks.

The most important tool on any social channel that will grow your audience is #hashtags. On the top social platforms, the algorithm will recommend posts and accounts that are similar to posts you have previously liked or accounts you currently follow. Using hashtags that represent who, what, and where your brand is will increase the chances that your posts are recommended to users on these channels who do not currently follow you.

This also means that in the next 10 years, digital marketing will be your biggest resource for expanding your audience. The days of newspaper advertising, commercials on cable television, and paper mail marketing are out. Or, not as prominent as they once were in a marketing plan. Since research shows the newest generation relies heavily on smartphones, it is necessary your brand uses this to its advantage. Through email and text message marketing, advertising on social channels, and increasing your presence on social platforms, GenZ is likely to find you and just maybe, become a loyal fan.

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