Our last Clubhouse update was posted in September and since then, Clubhouse has added a number of ways to repurpose your Clubhouse content and share to build your audience. Let’s dive in!

What’s New

Clip the last :30 seconds: Have you been in a room and the speaker said something that really spoke to you? If it was in the last :30 seconds, you can now clip that segment. Save for later or share to your network. This is a great tool for when you are a moderator or speaker and want to share your own wisdom to your network beyond Clubhouse.

Pin links: If you are a moderator or the room host, you can pin a link for those in the room to click on. This can be for more information or to send your listeners to the call-to-action that aligns with the room topic. Think blog posts, landing pages, sign up forms, links to your email newsletter, and more. The options are endless but should strategically align with your purpose for hosting the room topic.

Room topics: The way to be found in Clubhouse is via the hallway, but we all know that this can get a little crowded at times and be hard for folks to find your room. Clubhouse now allows you to choose a few topics that relate to your room discussion. This allows you to be found by those searching for a room by topic. 

Web listening: This feature was released a few months ago and allows you to share the recorded room to anyone. Think of it as a portable version of the room that you hosted. Once recorded, you can share this to other Clubhouse and non-Clubhouse users. Listeners don’t have to download or sign in to be able to listen to the content.  

Editor’s note: Clubhouse is an audio social media platform and things are updating monthly. Continue to check in for updates. Join our Club, The Brandhouse, for great content and discussions around how to build your personal and company brands.