It’s April, and we are back with an update to How to Clubhouse. With a new app that’s still in beta, things change and evolve pretty quickly. Since February, the app has gone from 6 million users to 10 million. Clubhouse is quickly growing and has all the other social channels thinking of how they can integrate an audio-only option for their users.

With 10 million users and an average of 300,000 rooms, or shows, per day, it’s no surprise the Clubhouse platform is growing its team. They recently hired a Head of Sports team member, which prompted an exciting announcement on the weekly Clubhouse Town Hall. So without further ado, here are the latest updates from around Clubhouse.

NFL partnership
During the weekly Clubhouse Town Hall, Sean Brown, the new Head of Sports, was introduced along with the NFL partnership announcement. According to the American Advertising Federation (AAF), “the NFL has become the first sports league to team with Clubhouse on an exclusive deal that will bring draft-related content to a series of rooms on the social audio app.” This news gives us a glimpse of what other types of partnerships Clubhouse is after and what experiences they want to bring to the platform.

Android version is here
The platform has just opened for Android users. Sign up now with Clubhouse to reserve your username.  

Bio = 24/7 billboard
Your bio/profile is an important piece of real estate on Clubhouse, as it’s the only thing that is there 24/7. The first 2 lines are the only thing visible before someone clicks to see your full profile, so make sure this is THE intro you want speaking to your audience on Clubhouse. Secondly, Google is also searching Clubhouse bios, so it’s important to use keywords that you want to show up for in search. Finally, emojis mean something in Clubhouse. For instance, ? means small business. If you work with or are a small business, use the paperclip emoji in your bio or room titles.

Ring the cash register
Clubhouse has started rolling out the ability for some users to get paid while speaking on stage. Right now, only about 60,000 users have the ability to accept payments. To see if you do, check your settings for the Payments option. How it works: users can visit a creator’s profile, tap the button that says “Send Money,” and options appear, such as $5, $10, and $20, or you can fill in your own amount. Creators must have a Stripe account to accept money.

Your club is now open
A cool and much-anticipated recently added feature is the ability to create your own clubs inside the app. Before, club creators had to go through a multi-step application process that took weeks for clubs to get approved. With the onslaught of new users, the app developers added this feature inside the app. To create your own club, scroll down to the bottom of your profile, then scroll over to the end of your club listings and tap the “plus sign” to create your own club. It’s as simple as that!

Everybody’s getting in on the game
The buzz around Clubhouse and the hands-on nature of the audio app are forcing brands to think about how this new platform can and should be leveraged for their business. Nonprofits are getting in on the game too, as it’s a great opportunity to increase awareness around a mission. We advise thinking about how a tool like Clubhouse attracts your target audience and how you take them from the platform and into your marketing funnel. There are lots of opportunities for brands, but you have to be smart about it and align the tactic with your goals.

Editor’s note: Clubhouse is a beta site, and things are updating every week. Continue to check in for updates. Join our Club, The Brandhouse, for great content and discussions around how to build your personal and company brands.