Creating a marketing strategy for a 12-month period forces most brands to set goals, a budget and identify clear tactics to build brand awareness and drive marketing leads. Marketing is all about time and momentum so working from a 1-year plan gives companies the guidance and structure needed to stay on track. But is there a scenario where a shorter marketing plan, say 90-days, works better? Yes! In fact, we’ve outlined five situations where a 3-month strategy is your best bet.

  1. Promoting an event. A 90-day marketing plan is perfect for driving traffic and attendance to an event. This works whether your event is in-person or virtual and can start with a “Save-the-Date” followed by full event details and ending with a “Last Chance” call-to-action.
  2. Q4/Holiday season. Many brands have their biggest marketing push in the fourth quarter or during the Christmas holiday season. This can be a bit of a departure from a normal ad campaign or includes a secondary or tertiary audience.  A 90-day marketing strategy can better meet the needs of this special selling season. 
  3. Product launch or rebrand. Are you launching a new product or service? Do you want to target a specific audience persona or segment? A 90-day marketing plan focused on a certain segment and using tactics that reach them allows you to get hyperfocused in your ads and messaging for a set timeframe.  
  4. New to the market. Start-up businesses can struggle with putting together a 12-month marketing strategy because there are a lot of unknowns. If you are running A/B testing on your messaging or still working on proof of concept for your business, a simple 90-day marketing plan gives you enough runway to see if the marketing is working but doesn’t blow your budget.
  5. Testing digital marketing. Digital marketing for some is a new frontier. Test your new strategy by rolling out a 90-day plan to see what works and where you get the most ROI. Once you find success or momentum, put your 90-day strategy on wash-rinse-repeat.

Thinking a 90-day marketing plan might be a good fit for you? Let’s talk! We offer a 90-day plan called the Mini Marketing Plan. Grab a spot on our calendar for more details.