We’re back to feature another Novellaista on Novella Conversations!

Meet Mary Cooper, our in-house copyeditor. Behind every good writer is a great editor. Here at the Brandhouse, we create a LOT of content from brand messaging and website copy to advertising campaigns and brochures. With her keen eye for good writing, Mary keeps us from walking out of the house with our proverbial collar sticking up.

What was the first album you bought? When I was about 12 years old I discovered Pop music. This was during the height of the “British Invasion” and I had a terrific crush on Peter Noone, AKA Herman of Herman’s Hermits so I am sure that was my first album purchase.  A lot of music from that era is timeless though Herman’s Hermits not so much.

What’s the “go-to” meal that you cook at home the most? The humble sandwich is probably my go to meal (much to the disgruntlement of Mr. Cooper). I like a sandwich because it can present endless possibilities of combinations of meat, breads or cheese. It can be dressed up or down, a hearty meal or a light lunch.

What TV show or movie have you watched over and over and why? The original Perry Mason TV series is one I have watched over and over. It is hopelessly outdated, but I enjoy the old cars and fashions from that era. Just hearing the opening and closing music reminds me of my dad. I also enjoy the original Wizard of Oz movie. On a more current note, I really like “Daisy Jones and the Six” and would like to watch it again.

What is your favorite comfort object you have at home? Rudy, our 8 month old Goldendoodle puppy brings a lot of companionship, energy, and fun to our home. He is under the desk at my feet as I am writing this. Rudy would say that he is worth every penny we spent on him and I would have to agree!

What’s one of your favorite things about working with Novella? As a copy editor I get a chance to get a first hand look at a variety of different businesses. I like the challenge of trying to find the tiniest error.

What do you like to do outside of work? When I am not copy editing, I am busy going to the lake and hanging out with the family on our pontoon boat. I also love to read, sew/quilting, and solving the daily Wordle puzzle.

Trips you would like to take? I have Hawaii, Oregon, Alaska, Idaho, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Delaware left to visit to achieve my goal of visiting all 50 states. I think I will need at least four trips to get this accomplished!