Meet Jim Rothfork, our strategic partner in all things E-Commerce and web design. Jim has worked with us for almost 5 years as part of the Trailblaze Media group. We absolutely love working with Jim and so do our clients. Read on to see why he is such a special member of the team.

What’s one of your favorite things about working with Novella? There’s this warm energy in the office and amongst the people that work at Novella that feels like home. As far as professional spaces go, it has always felt like one of the “safest” places to be myself, and contribute my energy to. The mutual respect, and openness among the team has always made it feel like the “right” place to be.

What’s your favorite place to go within walking distance of the office in the Crossroads? Mildred’s, for a tasty BLT.

What concert would you drop everything to see? Sara Bareilles is one of my all-time, favorite artists. Given the chance, I’d move mountains to see her perform live again (it’s worth it). Her music is incredible and her live commentary during the performance is even more special.

What food could you eat every night of the week? If left unchecked, I could absolutely eat pizza every single night.

What TV show or movie have you watched over and over and why? Battlestar Galactica (2004 TV series). BSG is what they call a “Space opera” and I’ve always had a soft spot for that kind of science fiction. There’s something satisfying about stories of future-humans. In order to even imagine it, an author has to consider a huge array of topics, just to build the “world” the story takes place in. Nowhere is that more apparent than in a Space opera. Aside from the science fiction itch that it scratches, BSG has a way of weaving profoundly human topics into the storyline – it covers love, religion, politics, survival, connection, danger, and understanding – all wrapped up under an iconic statement: “All of this has happened before, and all of it will happen again”. My runner up would have to be another Space opera called “The Expanse.”

Trip you want to go on? Antarctica. It’s so hard to get there and so few people have been, that it just seems like the place to go. One of my favorite feelings or experiences to have is to feel “small” in nature, because it’s humbling and grounding (like being on a kayak on a huge lake, or massive river). Something tells me that Antarctica would not disappoint.

What purchase, big or small, has been worth every penny? 100% my home/office computer. It started out as a really old PC that I bought from a roommate for $200. I bought it with the intention to slowly upgrade it over the years, and that’s exactly what I’ve done. Every few months some component or piece of hardware needs to be replaced or upgraded, and I love tackling that. Pulling the system and hardware apart, cleaning it up and optimizing it, and then getting to experience the increase in performance first hand, is something that never gets old. As someone who relies on technology for work (and leisure), it is SO fulfilling to be fully responsible for the hardware that enables all of it. 

What do you like to do outside of work? I’m a huge gamer/tech nerd, so when I’m not working I’m either playing online games (with friends from all over the world), or researching/experimenting with some new-ish area of tech. Right now, a lot of my free time goes into exploring Artificial Intelligence. 

What’s your go-to/signature fashion look? Comfort. I don’t align myself with any specific fashion sense beyond wanting to feel as comfortable as possible, in any situation. What’s interesting for me, about optimizing for comfort, is that you have to let go of the preoccupation that most of us have about how we’re perceived by other people. I spend a lot of time in my head, and prioritizing myself in this one area (over others and what they’re perception about me might be, based on what I’m wearing), has been really powerful.  

What book changed your thinking? When Things Fall Apart: Heart Advice for Difficult Times by Pema Chödrön

What makes you feel powerful? Connecting with other people – allowing myself to be truly seen by others, and taking the time to see them, in return. 

 What is your favorite comfort object you have at home? A few years ago I picked up a salt lamp on a trip to Los Angeles. Something about that salt lamp has a way of reminding me of all the special connections in my life.