We’re nerdy about branding so we write a lot of content around brand strategy, messaging, target audience and positioning. But we are equally passionate about design. Specifically visual brand design. Because design matters.

Entertainer Louis Armstrong was asked to define jazz. He said, “You’ll know it when you hear it.” We feel the same about a well-designed visual brand. It clearly communicates without any words. Your audience sees over 4,000 ads a day. It is imperative that your logo, colors, and fonts distinguish your organization from the competition.

A good logo costs more than $200. And it should. Your logo is everywhere your brand is mentioned. Your audience looks for it when your brand is on the scene. It should be something you are proud of and can represent the company as it grows and scales, passing the $1million mark and beyond.

Do your research. Avoid cheap online, crowd-sourcing offers for a group of freelancers to throw you dozens of designs to choose from in a matter of days. This may sound like a great deal but not if it’s a logo that was designed blindly by folks that haven’t taken the time to get to know your business or the competition. 

A strong logo is the key part of your visual brand and is worth the investment. Our experience tells us that it is a function too important to simply throw to the lowest bidder.

Logo sets the tone
So much time and effort go into creating the logo that you might think once you receive the final files, you’re off and running. Hold up. A logo can feel a little lonely without its sidekick, a style guide. 

A visual brand style guide notes all specified brand colors, fonts, including image/illustration style suggestions and usage. This allows for a unified presence across all marketing and advertising channels. That means every time your brand is showing up in a visual way in ads, social media, on your website, in a pitch deck or video – the look and feel are consistent. Over time, your audience will begin to notice your fonts, colors and even photo style as your brand. Which is the name of the game. 

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