You’ve scheduled your photo shoot for team photos, individual headshots or lifestyle photos so what’s next? A great photoshoot includes wardrobe and style planning. Let’s talk about clothes, hair, makeup and more. Read on for tips and tricks for how to dress to look your best in photos. 


1. Keep it simple. The most important tip we have is to stick with mainly solid colors, simple silhouettes and not too much skin. You want the viewer’s eye to focus on faces, not clothes. Of course rules are meant to be broken, so if you are a couture gown designer, maybe a billowing hot pink dress is the way to go! But for most projects, a pop of color in your shirt like royal blue, kelly green, etc, with a structured dark jacket on top is a never-miss, great choice.


2. For men, a clean shave or intentional whiskers. A wispy or careless shave doesn’t photograph nearly as well. Pro tip: check for nose hairs! We retouch a LOT of them. 🙂


3. Go for a soft makeup look. We recommend a natural look with makeup – flawless skin, and if you are a few years older, a bit softer on the eye and lip color can shave a few years off. A dark lip color or heavy eyeliner can look harsh on camera. However, if part of your look is a signature red lip or cat eye makeup, then embrace that. Just don’t try something dramatic for the sake of a photo shoot if that is not normally your style. Go easy on anything with metallic, shine or glitter – the camera can turn those makeup elements into something reflective that does not translate well.


4. Not the time for a new hairstyle. Smooth and simple hairstyles photograph well. But, if you do have a head full of curls, we can always retouch anything that looks like a fly away or frizz. 🧑‍🦰


5. Dress the part. If you are in photos “doing something,” dress accordingly. If you are meant to appear as an executive or a warehouse worker, a fitness person in the park, or a medical assistant – try to find the simplest outfit that tells that story, without it looking like a costume. If you are not sure what to wear, we can create a moodboard of ideal looks for you.


6. Headshots are all about, well—your head. Avoid anything that really draws the eye away from the face. Big prints, giant flowers, logos, words, big flashy jewelry, wild ties, and too much skin. All of it draws the eye away from the face. Go for a pop of color on the shirt—like royal or light blue, Kelly green, or pink—and then do a darker jacket on top. A classic black or navy blazer always looks great. Stay away from beige, cream, light yellow, or pale green—those colors make most people look washed-out. 



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