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Your business and your brand are unique. Your eCommerce site should be too. This is about building a business, not just a website. You need an eCommerce site that isn’t just a website, it’s an entire online enterprise. The most successful businesses have a brand, crafted with strategy, and built with function for the modern world. That means an eCommerce site that’s developed with your business industry in mind.

Together, Novella Brandhouse + Trailblaze Media concept, design, and build Shopify websites built for business and branded for success. 


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As a full-service branding & marketing firm, we develop strategic marketing plans, award-winning design, and content for brands trying to scale and improve overall business performance. The key to making your company successful is connecting your brand to the people that matter most—your customers. Over the years, our process has not only proved successful for clients, but it’s also picked up a few industry awards along the way. 40, to be exact.


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We believe in a straight-forward, methodical approach that involves figuring out what you need to successfully operate and own your eCommerce business while engaging with customers. Before we begin a project, we take the time to understand your entire eCommerce infrastructure, including inventory management, product data structures, what information you need to gather for customer orders, and other business logic that affects the overall operation of your business. We are not just building a website, we are building the architecture and system foundation of your business—one you can successfully and efficiently manage when it’s all yours.




For exclusive jewelry and timepieces, Kansas City turns to Tivol.


Tivol Jewelry Store Front

What We Did

Our ecommerce in-house partner, Trailblaze, worked with Tivol to migrate their existing site from WordPress to Shopify and identify areas of site improvement during the migration. Tivol wanted a site that improved the shopping experience to encourage more onsite sales conversions. One of the major challenges was reorganizing the site architecture, mapping out appropriate product categories, and structuring product data to enable robust filtering on the site.

In addition to the user experience of the site, Tivol wanted the design of the site to be more consistent with the Tivol brand instead of the existing disjointed feel caused by heavy use of content from various jewelry vendors. Trailblaze chose a premium Shopify theme that aligned well with the visual needs of the brand. We then designed key pages of the site and provided inspiration for use of photography from the Tivol brand library. 

Trailblaze completed the development of the site by populating all content, installing Shopify apps for key features, including a wishlist and pick up in store options, and completing light customizations to better suit the theme to the content needs.

To conclude our work with Tivol, we offered in person training sessions to make the Tivol team comfortable with managing their new site. Finally, we conducted workshops to map out future content and feature plans, leaving Tivol with a robust roadmap to follow.


Theme development was a natural progression for Trailblaze, our in-house e-commerce partner. They have been invested in the Shopify ecosystem for years, and during that time they customized dozens of themes on the store for merchants and wanted to apply their knowledge to a new theme offering. 

Trailblaze developed a new theme called Loft. It was introduced to the Shopify Theme Store in July of 2017, after a rigorous year and long process working directly with Shopify’s Theme Team. Since Loft’s launch, Trailblaze maintains a close working relationship directly with Shopify and meets with their team weekly. The result is a deep connection and partnership with Shopify to deliver stunning, user-friendly experiences for all of our theme merchants.

Since working with over 1600 merchants, their presence in the Theme Store demonstrates a mastery of deploying front-end architecture that’s tailored to manage large inventory catalogs. 

Trailblaze is proud to be one of 25 agencies represented on the theme store, serving over 500,000 merchants. Visit the  “Loft Demo Store.”

The Success Story

The Tivol site now showcases a much larger breadth of the fine jewelry available, allowing more online sales to occur. Both the product catalog and the content management of the site are accessible to the marketing team to update and manage, giving them the power to feature product categories, highlight promotions and tell their brand story.

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