Sarah Tomes



To elevate a brand, you need a comprehensive digital advertising strategy.

Sarah is our accomplished Digital Marketer focused on Facebook and Instagram Advertising.  Sarah is equally right-brained and left-brained (the only even score her college psychology professor has ever seen) so a career that centers around creativity AND data science is a dream come true!

Sarah helps Novella clients grow their brands through strategic Facebook and Instagram advertising. She helps our clients gain brand awareness, drive traffic to their websites, grow their email lists, and sell their products and services.

Sarah has worked across many niches.  From large brands to non-profit organizations, brick and mortar businesses, podcasts, travel and tourism, coaches and consultants, Sarah loves a diverse client roster.  She’s even represented a horse (LONG story!).

When Sarah isn’t helping our clients with exhaustive targeting research, launching products and services, and writing compelling copy, she can be found eating at ethnic restaurants, restoring classic cars, listening to Americana music, and volunteering at Harmony Project KC. Snuggling with her kids and cats is where she finds her happy place.

Sarah is Facebook Blueprint Certified, Digital Marketer Certified, and a graduate of The Facebook Ads Academy which puts her in the top 1% of Facebook and Instagram marketers in the world.

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