KLC Your Leadership Edge


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Creating a leading brand for a leadership center

Award Winner

2015 AIGA KC 11th Annual Awards
Outstanding Achievement in Design

What We Did

Book Design
Printed Collateral

About the Client

We have worked with the Kansas Leadership Center on many projects promoting and creating materials for their leadership initiatives and courses. Since the beginning of the KLC’s Your Leadership Edge program, Novella Brandhouse helped their team build a brand and marketing strategy that empowers leaders to inspire and motivate their communities. This program involved a full branding process, creative, messaging, a website, and print materials for the program to help it stand out while also echoing the values and brand of the KLC.

The Success Story

“We’ve been working with the Novella Brandhouse team for over ten years and are consistently impressed by their creativity, passion, and expertise at tackling all of our branding, design and marketing needs. From designing our highly-awarded quarterly publication, The Journal, to our website and new program initiatives and beyond, Novella is a true partner in our success. Bravo Novella!”

Ed O’Malley, CEO & President of The Kansas Leadership Center

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