Wolf + Candor


Beautifully Handsome.

What We Did

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About the Client

Kate is a self-taught fashion designer with a heart for inclusion. She started designing her own clothes because she couldn’t find a wardrobe that spoke to the balance of masculine and feminine style. Kate saw a need for well-made androgynous clothing that was clean and classic, with a balance of masculine and feminine that people could adjust to fit their style. Thus, Wolf + Candor was born.


The Wolf has always been a meaningful symbol for Kate. Like the “lone wolf,” people can feel alone, but when you put those people together, they become a wolf pack–a bond like family. Candor means being your authentic self and not afraid of who you are. 

This inspiration brought us to Wolf + Candor’s brand statement: Wolf + Candor means pure authenticity. No labels. Just being human and following the spirit of your intuition. Our garments are designed with a clean and classic style and a spark of new age swagger.

The Success Story

With a tagline of “beautifully handsome,” Wolf + Candor offers a striking balance of gender fluidity with simplified styles and neutral-based colors such as black and grey. The line’s clean-cut designs are created in the U.S.A and inspired by European style. Wolf + Candor empowers customers to wear and accessorize each piece to be more masculine or feminine according to their true style. 

Kate’s emphasis on fluid fit and fashion allows garments to be worn in a variety of scales. People can mix and match signature pieces and adjust them to be more or less masculine or feminine, allowing for fluidity in apparel. Kate’s passion for inclusion doesn’t stop there, every detailed piece, even the masks they are currently making, is made with sustainability and story. Wolf + Candor is dedicated to lifting others up through responsible production.