Thirsty Coconut and Fountain City Smoothie Co.


What We Did

Visual Brand Refresh  •  Sub-brand Development  •  Branded Ad Campaign


Thirsty Coconut distributes beverage products to commercial accounts across the country. They offer the healthiest, best tasting smoothies and frozen drink products for food service programs. In 2019, they launched a product to schools called Fountain City Smoothies.

In the months leading up to the launch of Fountain City Smoothies, Thirsty Coconut was coming off unprecedented growth and adjusting to life as a scaling company. They asked Novella Brandhouse to refresh and refine the Thirsty Coconut brand as they expanded into new markets across the USA and into new industry categories.

Additionally, Thirsty Coconut was introducing a new product online for the education category. The new project needed a sub-brand created and a new ad campaign to launch in Fall 2019.

Our Success Story

Novella Brandhouse collaborated with Thirsty Coconut to refresh the existing visual brand and uplevel it to compete on the national landscape. We expanded the color palette and font selections to give the brand some room to grow and expand in the future.

We also expanded the brand palette and created the Fountain City Smooth Co. sub-brand under the Thirsty Coconut brand umbrella. By creating a distinct hierarchy in the messaging and visual components, it was clear this was a product by Thirsty Coconut. We armed the sales team with a fully branded ad campaign and collateral materials to launch the new product offering.    


“Wow! We are so excited about the direction we are heading and we are looking forward to a big roll out of the new site and marketing/branding. Your help has been invaluable!”