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The Big Biscuit is a breakfast and lunch spot known for its classic breakfast options and large portions. Over the last several years, they transitioned from a local diner to an establishment with 22+ locations.

One challenge with this expansion is the lack of consistency in branding and visual elements across the locations. They also needed clear messaging that differentiated them from other well-known establishments in the space. Ultimately, our team helped equip them for the planned growth and scaling of their current franchise model.

To create consistent visual branding, we established colors, typography and icons that all franchises could use. We also crafted brand messages and key phrases, such as “The American classics you crave served in a big way,” that communicated their brand identity.  The messages and visuals worked together to set The Big Biscuit apart as hospitable, friendly, and abundant. 

Style Guide

The Big Biscuit Style guide

Brand Book

TheBigBiscuit Brand Book
Cedar Rapids 2022 Social Campaign
TheBigBiscuit Brand Book

The Success Story

The Big Biscuit loved the deliverables and appreciated how well we understood and captured their brand identity. We helped them own who they are in the marketplace, and we created an ease and a consistency for branding across all locations.

“I feel our brand when I see our brand book.
-Marita Swift, Brand and Marketing Director