Power of Film

Partnering with a non-profit that shows we are all more alike than different.

What We Did

Logo and graphic elements
Clapper Board
Save the Date and Invitation
Sponsor Letter
Sponsorship Opportunities
Poster for Event
Table Cards


About the Client

We worked with Just Like You Films to create a fully branded experience for donors, sponsors, and attendees. Branded logo and graphic elements for The Power of Film event were consistent throughout, including Save the Date postcards, invitations in a folded poster style, a stop-and-rewind-worthy sponsor letter with donation opportunities, table cards, and a poster for the event. Our favorite piece was the clapboards (just like in real films!), which were placed on each table for sponsors with branded table cards.



We partnered with Just Like You Films on their big event of the year, The Power of Film. This event raises thousands of dollars to benefit Just Like You Films, a nonprofit organization that creates films and materials that educate audiences about subjects including childhood cancer, burns, Down Syndrome and Autism. At this impactful gala, films are shared which capture real-life stories that show that we are more alike than we are different. This helps facilitate the physical and emotional healing of exceptional children by creating an environment of acceptance. Just Like You Films are distributed free of charge and operate with the help of an outstanding volunteer team. They rely on the philanthropy of businesses, corporations, foundations, sponsors, and individual donors to meet their production, operation and program expenses. The annual gala raises funds to offset those costs so that powerful stories can be shared. 


The Success Story

The best events happen through compelling visuals. We win when our clients win the hearts of donors. We love working with non-profit clients to help tell a story. If your brand drives everything that you do, then a non-profit brand has the potential to impact lives with consistent messaging, visuals, and print materials. We are honored to work with Just Like You Films and the work they are doing. Head on over to their site or social to view the great work they’re doing!