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Branding a booming business

What We Did

Brand Strategy & Identity
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The Butterfly Effect

Working with FlutterHabit to build a Scalable Brand on the verge of going viral. 

When Tim and Kasey came to us, they were overwhelmed, but focused. Kasey’s search for the perfect lash extensions had turned into an internet sensation. She’d found the ideal way to produce affordable, wearable, and comfortable eyelash extension hybrids without having to break the bank.


An influencer in her own right, Kasey eagerly shared this with her followers. But her side business quickly exploded, so here they sat at our conference table with a product in such high demand we couldn’t even hold onto a sample. But Tim and Kasey knew that they could build a business out of this niche product, and they wanted to get it right at every detail, starting with branding. 

We worked with Tim and Kasey and their FlutterHabit team to develop a brand that promised a sense of empowerment that comes from putting your best face forward.


We worked with FlutterHabit to craft cohesive brand visuals and brand messaging with strategy. Kasey knew exactly who she wanted to be, but didn’t quite know how to say it. With a brand strategy, we were able to craft a voice (your cool older sister), a target audience, and messaging that spoke exactly to Kasey’s market. Though we created a brand statement and tagline, we couldn’t help but go all out with this client. One of our favorite lines was “wink wink” a nod at the playfulness of the brand and lashes so luxe you’d never know they’re fake! A perfect example of how a strong brand marries messaging and visuals.

“Working with Novella was the absolute best investment we could have made for our scaling business. Our e-commerce business was only four months old when we reached out to Novella. As a somewhat experienced designer and marketer who tends to be underwhelmed by any design or branding work that I have delegated to others/professionals, we were hesitant to make the investment at first. But Novella completely blew us away and exceeded every expectation! They made scaling easy! As a shop that does 95% of our business on Instagram, having a strong visual brand was critical in allowing us to compete with the other big beauty brands. And the clear brand communication strategy that they developed for us—with SO much detail and so many ideas to choose from—has made creating content for our Instagram page painless and simple for our team. I believe that we owe a large portion of our quick success to the team at Novella and their expertise and creativity. We couldn’t have done it without them.”

Just a little over a month after handing over our branding, Tim and Kasey gained six-thousand followers in a day, sold out of thousands of inventory within minutes, and bought a warehouse to house their high-demand of product. We are SO proud!