Built like a mother.
Building a strong brand for resilient women.

What We Did

Brand Strategy & Identity
Launch Campaign

About the Client

Novella worked with the incredible Kelsey Walsh Perry to help her launch her new women’s maternity workout line. Kelsey wanted to give women functional, fashionable activewear that could support them while they support their growing babies. Novella collaborated with Kelsey to help bring a strong and patient voice to her brand. 

The messaging uses a modern and nurturing tone. duoFIT is a women-owned business that knows how to make mothers feel empowered.

Photo Credits:
Product Photography – Heather Marrow (@heathermorrowphoto)  |  Launch Party Images – Ruthie Stark (https://www.instagram.com/ruthiestartphotography)  |  Marquee Letters – Alpha-LIT KC (@alphalitkc)

The Success Story

“Working with Novella to breathe life into the name, logo, and overall brand identity of my maternity activewear line, duoFIT was an exhilarating experience.”

Kelsey Walsh Perry, Founder, duoFIT 


We also designed a brochure to show that duoFIT activewear is built to last. duoFit’s smart style and design is built so that the activewear grows with you. It’s designed both for those chasing that intense workout and those needing a comfortable go-to for an easy stroll around the block. Because mothers can do anything. 

One of our favorite brand messaging components was this poem: