Brookside Events 

Giving a Kansas City historic district the love it deserves.

Award Winner:

AMPS KC 2019 – Gold (2) 
AMPS KC 2019 – Silver (1) 
AMPS KC 2018 Silver (3) 
AMPS KC 2018 Gold (2) 
AMPS KC 2017 Gold (2) 
AMPS KC 2017 Silver (1) 

What We Did

Brand Strategy & Identity
Full-Service Marketing
Marketing Strategy

Social Media/Content Strategy

About the Client

As a local Community Improvement District, Brookside hosts a number of events throughout the year. Together with the Brookside committee, we created concept posters for each event, including the annual St. Patrick’s Day Warm-Up Parade, The Brookside Art Annual, Sidewalk Sale, Sip & Shop, Trick or Treat Street, and Holiday Opener.

The Success Story

During our 5-year contract with the Brookside CID, each event involved new print and digital material, and unique poster concepts that spoke to the charm of the Brookside community. 

Additionally, we won 14 awards for Brookside campaigns, which involved print, digital, and social promotion, and ultimately increased sales and foot traffic in the historic Brookside district.