KCMO Health

Wear Your Mask Campaign

Do what you gotta do, to do what you wanna do

What We Did

Ad Campaign
Print Design
Social Media


About the Client

We rallied together the entire team to turn this campaign around in less than a month and quickly produced timely graphic design, video, and ad placement for the Kansas City COVID-19 response in order to keep our community safe, healthy, and open. With full-fledged media planning, marketing strategy, a brand campaign and a full visual suite, plus the pressure of pandemic public health sensitivity, we knew we needed an impactful campaign. We researched the best ways to appeal to the target audience and the psychology behind action-oriented public health messaging with a mission to craft a message that helped normalize mask-wearing and encouraged a change in behavior in outbreak areas. 


The “Do What You Gotta Do, To Do What You Wanna Do” campaign’s biggest element was a video that we concepted and creative-directed with our video partners KJO Media. It featured all local talent, crew, businesses, and activities. This campaign positions masking as a solution that enables people to get back to doing what they love. By wearing a mask, people are protecting others, but still enjoying the things they love in Kansas City, like shopping, going to museums, or enjoying coffee with friends. 

The campaign also featured a simple logo that had the phrase “wear your mask” in the shape of a mask. This was featured on print, digital, and billboards throughout the city. Radio ads for the campaign included musician Calvin Arsenia’s original song and encouraged people to wear masks. These 15-second spots ran on multiple stations. 

Social Banners


The Success Story

Throughout December 2020, while the campaign was running, cases of COVID-19 in the Kansas City metro area decreased by 200 cases every week!

Print: Reached 120,000 readers over two weeks.

Mix 93, KFKF94, Q104, KC102: As a sponsor, KCMO Health Department received 100,000 display impressions on mobile and desktop delivered to target audiences in geographic areas.

Hot 103 Jamz: Reached over 325,000 consumers over the air weekly. The listening audience is the most diverse in the market delivering to 50% African Americans, 40% Whites, and 10% Latinos. 68% of Hot 103 Jamz listeners are between 18 and 54.

Targeted display campaign 88,842 impressions, 0.19% CTR

Outdoor: 5,600,657 total impressions for 4 weeks, 4 boards 

Streaming TV: 540,540 impressions 
Addressable Display(layered with Geo-Fencing): 4,946,000 total impressions, 90% share of voice

Social media ads: Facebook/Instagram/TikTok
Reach 77,087
Engagement with posts 27,096
Impressions 201,875

Social media ads: Snapchat 
Engagement With Posts 33,097
Paid Impressions 742,094