Digital advertising has come under fire. Whether it’s the increasing cost to acquire customers or Apple’s 2021 iOS14 update and subsequent effect on Facebook and Instagram ads – digital advertising is not the end all, be all it once was. We are still digital ad fans but it’s not the only tactic we use in our toolbox.

Our strategists always recommend a well-rounded media plan. A layered campaign with digital and traditional advertisements ensures you are reaching your target audience from brand awareness to conversion. But there is one that is really standing out for us. A tried and true marketing tactic that’s been around since 1850.

According to Outfront, a June 2022 ComScore study showed that out-of-home advertising (think billboards, wallscapes, murals, transit ads, stadium signage/ads, etc.) “drives more digital activations than any other measured medium per ad dollar spent. In fact, for each type of online action measured, the data found that OOH outperformed all other media platforms by at least 2x.”

Wow. That’s pretty impressive.

So what does it mean for brands? It means that traditional advertising, especially outdoor in this case, can have an effect on digital engagements. New-to-market companies and start -ups are seeing success with driving brand awareness at scale with OOH media. People see an ad for a new company that piques their interest while driving or sitting at the baseball game and next they visit the website. Brands are noting increased search and web traffic during campaigns and immediately after.

Comscore data shows that “on average, 41% of people searched for the brand on a search engine after exposure to the OOH display, which was 5.3x more than any other medium, per ad dollar spent.” QR codes or simple URLs to specific landing pages make it easy for potential customers to find you online from an OOH experience.

Not only does OOH drive website traffic, it also drives social media activity. How many times have you seen a cool wallscape or mural, stopped to take your picture and then posted it to social media? Nielsen reported that 1 in 4 Americans have posted a photo of an OOH advertisement to Instagram. That’s your advertising working in both mediums and driving conversations and awareness on a whole other platform. Talk about bonus points! 

Thinking OOH could be right for you? Here are our Do’s and Don’ts for OOH/Billboard creative.

  • No more than 12 words on the billboard. (And honestly, the shorter the better.)
  • Logo is generally a must.
  • URL and phone number or street address/cross streets.
  • Photo should be simple and used as a hero shot only.


Is out-of-home (OOH) advertising a good fit for your brand? Our team can help you determine the right location/venue, design the billboard and integrate it into your marketing strategy. Let’s talk.