To say that video has arrived is an understatement. Video is here and most brands can’t ignore the fact that they have to use it to be seen. Whether you are using it in your social media or as part of an ad campaign, the idea of producing it may be giving you heartburn. Videos are more complicated than still photo images, Reels or TikTok trends are always changing, and users expect videos to be entertaining, enjoyable and relevant to them.

Companies are feeling like it’s hard to get video right, especially with TikTok. More than ever, it’s important to make compelling content that works for specific social media platforms and is onbrand for you. Consumers are pretty savvy about what they are seeing and they can sniff out when something is bad.

Here are some tips and tricks of how your brand should show up in Video, Reels and TikTok.

Unless you are creating video for streaming ads where you want TV commercial quality video, organic social media begs for it to be just that, organic and authentic. It does not need to be perfection. Tailor the video to each platform. Shooting video for a Reel on Instagram may be more refined than a TikTok video. On LinkedIn, photos out perform video but don’t forget about YouTube. Use YouTube as the place where all your video lives and can be searched. It’s been said that YouTube is a full-funnel marketing platform.

If YouTube is a full-funnel marketing platform, then Instagram is a top-of-the-funnel marketing tool. Think brand awareness and reach. Instagram is serving up Reels in the algorithm and that means more eyeballs than Posts or Stories.

It’s a good idea to think about the content you are posting and how you can make it into a Reel. You don’t have to dance, or point to words. Heck, you don’t even have to use a video. You can choose a photo and do a voiceover with captions. Adding music is also a great way to bring some personality to it.

Reels can be used for product launches, demonstrations, answering questions, behind-the-scenes shots, and more. Your best bet is to create these videos in the IG app. There you have access to all the tools, music, stickers, etc. Plus, once you have posted the Reel, you can download it to your phone and use the video in other places (TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.).

First, don’t let this platform scare you. It’s the fastest growing social media platform and the #1 website in the world. Yes, Gen Z is all over this app, but so are Millennials and Gen Xers. They may not be posting (and most likely are not) but they are watching.

On TikTok, users value education and entertainment. Quick, easy videos showing off new products and tutorials on “how to” do very well. Some other well-tested approaches include music, showing behind-the-scenes, video series, and telling your origin story.

You have probably heard about TikTok trends. They are the trending sounds and/or video formats. We recommend doing regular research to stay on top of what is trending and then adapt to your content strategy. For more info about creating videos for TikTok check out our blog post 10 Tips for Creating a Viral TikTok.

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