Waldo CID is a Political subdivision funded by public money via sales tax assessments.
Novella Brandhouse began managing Waldo’s social media profiles in Q1 of 2015. The goal was to increase awareness of the Waldo businesses and events.
Goal & Objectives:

Increase awareness of the Waldo shopping area.
• Increase sales by 10%
• Increase social media engagement and followers by 10%
• Increase special event attendance

  • To create a cohesive brand and voice representing over 600 various businesses, services, and merchants.
  • Curate and create original content on 3 social media platforms representing 600+ businesses.
  • Carry the brand through to print, radio, and events.
  • Drive traffic to Waldo businesses and services in crowded marketplace.
  • Competing against 5 other shopping and entertainment districts within a 5 mile radius.
Most important campaign statistic:

There were 210 comments throughout the campaign.

  • Use the challenge of 600+ businesses to our advantage and create a brand campaign that focuses on Waldo’s diversity.
  • Creative COOP print ads for a cohesive brand message.
  • Social media campaigns revolving around individual industries and special events.
  • Stay top of mind with Waldo followers, neighbors and consumers with strategic advertising and social media posting during specific time periods.
  • Focus on reaching potential customers within 3-mile radius of Waldo – the prime target audience.
  • Use community events throughout the year to reach “Entertainment Seekers” group to expand the customer base bringing people to the area for a purpose, and for shopping and dining before or after event.
Primary: Neighbors within three-mile radius, age 35-60:

  • Families, empty nesters, DINKS
  • Convenience – walk or close by restaurants, shops, services
  • Think of it as MY neighborhood
  • Digitally plugged in. Online via desktop, laptop, mobile devices
  • Web and circle of friends serve as primary research sources
  • Music lovers, enjoy cultural activities
Secondary: Entertainment Seekers, age 24-34

  • Attend Waldo Crawldo, Fall Fest and Small Business Saturday
  • Current and former residents of area
  • Stay up-to-date on KC area happenings
  • Updating and posting on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram about their weekend activities
Evaluation and results:

Novella Brandhouse began managing EVERYTHING Waldo’s social media profiles in Q1 of 2015.  The Facebook profile began with an overall reach of 32,664.  In this short time frame, we have increased that reach by 269%, reaching more than 120,382 people with original content and organic posts.  Our followers have increased 45%, sales traffic in the Waldo area is increasing, and special event attendance is on the rise.

Head to Aldi’s for ingredients, make lemonade to sell at your very own lemonade stand, then donate the profits to your favorite local charity like KC Pet Project.

#SummerBucketList2016 #LemonadeStand #DonateProfitsToCharity #KCPetProject

Walgreen’s is sure to have the perfect DVD to host a drive-in movie in your backyard.

#SummerBucketList2016 #BackyardDriveIn #BreakfastClub #DazedAndConfused #DeadPoetsSociety #Grease #IntoTheWild

Stay for the free fireworks after any Friday night Royals home game.

#SummerBucketList2016 #FreeFridayNightFireworks #KCkids #BoysInBlue #ForeverRoyal

Tune up the family fleet at Family Bicycles, then hit the Trolley Trail.  OR, if you’re feeling peppy and spry take the Katy Trail to St. Louis. http://buff.ly/1WOBGzZ

#SummerBucketList2016 #FamilyBicycles #KatyTrail #OutdoorAdventures

Nothing says summer like a neighborhood BBQ.  Living in a city FAMOUS for BBQ, dad better up his game.  Good thing McGonigle’s is close by! https://www.mcgonigles.com/mikes-blog/mcgonigles-favorite-time-tested-recipes/

#SummerBucketList #KCBBQ #BlockParty #BringIt #McGoniglesMeatMarket #KCOriginal

Host your very own backyard campout – complete with supplies you picked up at Euston’s Hardware.

#SummerBucketList2016 #BackyardCampout #WaldoHardware #DontForgetTheBugSpray

Do some science experiments, then call Dumit Rug Cleaning to get the stains out. http://mom.me/style/23123-super-easy-and-cool-science-experiments-will-impress-your-kids/

#SummerBucketList2016 #Science #YoungEinsteins

Make homemade ice cream in a coffee can. http://buff.ly/1TsGkU0

#SummerBucketList2016 #ThatsTheWayWeUsedToDoIt #MakinDo #Upcycle #HomemadeIceCream #PriceChopper

Visit one of 20 legendary water slides, or just build one in your own backyard with a Slip ‘N Slide.  *Make sure you call Complete Turf before dad gets home and sees the mess you’ve made of his lawn!

#SummerBucketList2016 #SlipNSlide #DadsNemesis #CompleteTurfToTheRescue

Celebrate an unbirthday at McLain’s, Waldo’s favorite neighborhood bakery. 

#SummerBucketList #WhoNeedsAReasonToCelebrate #McLainsBakery #GoodEats

Read 10+ books before the end of the summer…visit KC Public Library often!

#SummerBucketList2016 #ReadAThon #KCPublicLibrary #BookNerd #ImaginaryAdventures

Build an epic tree house and be the envy of all the other dad’s. http://buff.ly/1sNsrEs

#SummerBucketList2016 #EpicTreeHouse #EvnyOfTheNeighborhood #Sutherlands

Visit a museum. http://buff.ly/1YTBIof

#SummerBucketList2016 #VisitaMuseum #LocalHistory #PonyExpress #MajorsHouse

The Farmer’s Almanac predicts the hottest day to date in 2016 to be June 9.  Set a course for Tropical Sno and cool off with the rest of KC!

#SummerBucketList #EatASnowCone #FarmersAlmanacPredictions #TropicalSno

Create an obstacle course in the backyard, kids vs. adults, last one standing wins!  Tomorrow- go see Dr. McGarvey!

#SummerBucketList #BackyardObstacleCourse #WinnerTakesAll #McGarveyChiropractic

Gather up the kiddos and explore nature at our very own nature preserve in the heart of KCMO- Swope Park. http://my-little-poppies.com/exploring-nature-children/

#SummerBucketList #MagicOfNature #MeditationTime #LoveTheEarth #SwopePark #HeartOfKCMO