Brookside CID is a Political subdivision funded by public money via sales tax assessments.
Novella took over Brookside's social with the challenge of creating a consistent brand to engage with the target audience.
Goal & Objectives:

Raise brand awareness of the Brookside Shopping District.
• Increase sales by 5%
• Increase social media engagement and followers by 10%
• Increase special event attendance

  • An outdated brand past its prime and ineffective in engaging or inspiring the target audience.
  • Need for brand image and voice to represent a mix of 80 retailers, restaurants, and service providers.
  • A modest budget of $40,000 needing to cover the re-brand, the 2016 media plan, and social media – original content and management – on 3 social media platforms.
  • Consistent messaging built around words like unique, classic, specialty, boutique, neighborhood.
  • A single, strong recognizable brand image: the Brookside green heart.
  • Carefully curated social media profiles utilizing a consistent brand voice and images, for the top three sm platforms used by our target audience: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Brookside’s primary audience is female, aged 35 to 60, with a household income of $100,000+.  She is married with 1-5 children and is either living in a busy household where family takes center stage, or is an empty nester. She has a higher ratio of disposable income and while She is digitally plugged in with a desktop, laptop, and several mobile devices, She still enjoys thumbing through the pages of a glossy magazine. Her friends and the internet serve as her primary sources of research, where She seeks high quality products and services more distinctive than what is offered in your local big box store. She is a music lover listening to local radio stations including NPR. She enjoys cultural activities and is supportive of the arts and her local charities. Her key word? Community.

Most important campaign statistic:

This single organic post, made at 10:01pm on a Monday night, had 798 clicks.

Evaluation and results:

During the first fiscal year of implementation, there was an increase in revenues of more than 19%, exceeding the business need by more than 375% overall. If existing trends continue through 2016, there looks to be a record breaking 18% increase in total revenues. This is 625% higher than the projected national average increase of 2.4%.

Social media numbers show a marked increase in followers, and engagement with numbers totaling 6,377 followers on Facebook, 1,088 followers on Twitter, and 2,458 followers on Instagram. Facebook total organic reach for Q4 of this year tops 570,000 with 2 weeks left in the quarter.  Adding in paid reach, the number reached 595,000.  This is an increase of 195% over Q4 of 2015.