Stacey Vaeth Photography


A picture is worth an excellent website.

What We Did


About the Client

Stacey Vaeth is an award-winning family photographer with studios in Seattle and Washington, D.C.

“The team at Novella Brandhouse is second to none! With humor, creativity, and collaboration, they created my new website, which I truly love. Thank you!”

 Stacey Vaeth



Stacey wanted a website with dynamic photo galleries but was still intuitive for her viewers and future clients. 

We enjoyed working with Stacey to help her photography speak for itself, while also being a convenient solution for her clients so they can peruse styles, book appointments, and get to documenting those moments! View her captivating photography at

We created gallery pages for each of her services that she can easily update and change, and added website language that’s SEO-friendly and informs customers while still keeping the photography art front and center. 

Consistency is a virtue. And one we stand by when building websites. For each of Stacey’s photography services, we wanted a theme that would let customers know the heart behind her artistic process while also informing them of the details of their packages. We then paired that with galleries of examples, plus a link so they can look at even more options. Honestly, we could scroll for days. Check out her family section—it’s the cutest!