Monster Bass 

Helping a fishing subscription service hook customers

MonsterBass Logo + Tagline

What We Did

Brand Identity
Marketing Strategy
Content Strategy

About the Client

MonsterBass is a members-only community, delivering professionally selected tackle, to help anglers catch their personal best. The project scope consisted of name development, brand architecture, visual brand identity, packaging, marketing, and content strategy.

MonsterBass Case Study: Branding, Visual Development, Campaign
MonsterBass Box Packaging

An Angler’s World

We got to dive headfirst into the world of bass fishing and were able to use a variety of methods of research, including hosting in-depth surveys that revealed angler’s many interests and habits. We helped the client finalize their name and readily positioned them for making a “MonsterBass” splash into the bass fishing industry.

Getting Hooked

We spent many hours researching and learning about the bass fishing industry. We interviewed and surveyed active, expert, and novice bass fishermen and women and collected their feedback on their interests, related hobbies, experiences, and desires.


The Right Bait

We positioned MonsterBass as a subscription fishing box company that is ALL about bass. Along with the monthly subscription box itself, members also gain access to a resource library full of content to help them achieve their personal best in the sport of bass fishing. A common goal of master anglers is to catch the biggest bass, or a “monster bass.” The MonsterBass subscription box includes the tools and tips to help anglers catch their trophy bass.


Swimming Against the Current

We wanted MonsterBass to stand out from the existing fishing subscription boxes. The MonsterBass visual identity is clean, yet bold. We created the box packaging design for the initial product launch.


A Brand Worth Scaling

Novella created a launch strategy for Monster Bass’ entrance into the online world. Our extensive editorial calendar included plans for implementing online marketing tactics that also play well with the physical box and its contents. We created a strategy that amplified the MonsterBass community that goes beyond online and connects anglers to a network of fellow bass fishermen and women. This included social strategy, content planning, social platform positioning, and blog content. For this client, audiences were primarily on Youtube, so we created a strategy that would help them stand out against competitors while encouraging the community. We also included some big ideas for future events.

MonsterBass Logo + Tagline

An On-Brand Storefront

Working with our E-Commerce Partner Trailblaze Media

Through our partnership with Trailblaze Media, we created a branded experience for a new bass fishing subscription company called MonsterBass. This project was the perfect pairing of our branding acumen and Trailblaze’s Shopify wizardry. Introducing a new product to the world is a big thing. It means meticulously researching industry trends, target audiences, and strategies that will appeal to all of the above. 

We teamed up with Trailblaze and collaborated from the very beginning. From the moment someone hears/sees/gets an ad about MonsterBass, it’s a branded journey, wrapped intricately within the Shopify experience. We crafted a brand that clearly helped people understand what they’re getting in their box. For subscription boxes, people are often more in love with the idea or experience than the products, but the products are an added bonus. They need to be able to trust MonsterBass and see the company as expert anglers who want their customers to explore the products they provide. People need to fall in love with not just the product, but the brand. Subscription boxes are clubs. And you have to make sure that yours is the coolest one out there for your target audience. 

All of this had to align with the ordering process as well. Trailblaze did an excellent job coding a unique experience that allows users to not only get excited for their next box, but also join the community of MonsterBass, by sharing their best catches (hello, Trophy Room), participating in virtual or in-person competitions, and their favorite lures and gear on social media. 

The result was a thriving subscription box service that quickly got thousands of anglers hooked.