KCMO Health Dept.


Winter 2022 Covid Campaign

What We Did

Marketing Strategy  •  Campaign Development


The objective for this project was to create a campaign for the Kansas City Covid-19 vaccination efforts specifically reaching low socio-economic status (Low-SES) residents located in eight Kansas City, Missouri zip codes. These zip codes had some of the lowest vaccination rates in the city.

Our challenge was two-fold. First, we had to create a campaign that would reach and feel authentic to 20-34 year-olds, the age group with the lowest vaccination rate. Secondly, we needed to address the barriers they were facing to getting vaccinated, myths about the Covid vaccine and communicate how and where to get vaccinated.

We found that the emotional driver for this target audience was they could not afford to be sick and unable to work. Not working means you can’t provide for your family, put food on the table, pay bills. Instead of trying to change the audience’s attitude towards getting vaccinated, we communicated information to overcome any barriers in the way of this group getting the shot. 

Social Banners

kchd - Get the facts then get the vax
kchd - Get the facts then get the vax


kchd - Get the facts then get the vax

The Success Story

Building on the success of our 2020 health department campaign, “Do What You Gotta Do, To Do What You Wanna Do,” we created a new version of the campaign addressing COVID-19 vaccination availability and the importance of getting all three shots. 

The 2nd phase of this campaign addressed issues relevant to the Low-SES individuals by being culturally relevant and community-focused to the specific zip codes while supporting community group initiatives. 

Like before, the campaign’s biggest element was a video that we concepted and creative-directed with our partners at KJO Media that had the same look and feel as last year’s TV spot. The print and digital ads featured colors and graphics of  “Do What You Gotta Do, To Do What You Wanna Do” further building on the previous campaign’s success.

The campaign started running in January 2022 and will run through March. So far we have seen impressive results with Facebook ranking the ad “above average” (this is the highest-ranking Facebook gives to ads). This means the targeting and creative elements are resonating with the user. Additionally, video completion rates are over 85% on streaming services like Roku and Apple TV and across ATM screens in convenience stores.