Golden & Pine 

Every Home Has A Story.

Golden Pine Brand

What We Did

Visual design
Logo and Word mark

About the Client

Every Home Has A Story. Golden & Pine helps customers tell theirs. Golden & Pine is an ethical home boutique that shares the story behind every design. Founder Stephanie Agne builds personal connections with each of the makers to help clients curate a livable and interesting home that’s full of stories.

Golden & Pine Tote Bag
Golden & Pine Circular Brand
Golden & Pine Stamp
Golden & Pine Business Cards

The Success Story

We worked with Stephanie to craft a complete brand that honored her commitment to building a brand that empowers makers. This led to the story behind each product, and the stories we have throughout our homes. For the visual brand, we went with a bright yellow with neutrals, to speak to the liveliness that Golden & Pine brings into homes while also balancing a natural aesthetic. For the word mark, we used a handwritten font that was natural yet elongated, showing an organic but elegant approach to design.