Cedar Rapids


Welcome is Our Language

What We Did

Brand Messaging  •  Logo + Identity Design  •  Video/Print Campaign (Welcome is our Language)


The City of Cedar Rapids invited us to create a campaign showcasing the warmth, friendliness, and inclusivity of the people of Cedar Rapids. 

In response, we highlighted the city’s welcoming spirit that embraces diverse cultures and communities. We think our campaign, “Welcome is Our Language,” served as a celebration of the enduring and evolving city. We worked with our strategic partners at KJO Media to concept and create the campaign. 

A Peek Behind the Lens:
We try not to play favorites, but we loved our 3-day filming experience in Cedar Rapids. We were inspired by the vibrant, friendly people we met on the streets of the city.

Here’s an insider’s look on what made this filming process so unique:

All the people seen in the video were Cedar Rapids community members, business owners, and entrepreneurs who donated their time to help us out.

The reunion scene at the airport (one of the first shots in the commercial) unfolded right in front of us.

We happened to drive by the groundbreaking ceremony, which was taking place in real time. They invited us to film it.

We’re proud of the authenticity we captured in the video: real people enjoying their real city. We featured recognizable landscapes and local businesses that helped the video look and feel like home.

The video is a love note to the city and its diverse communities. The people we met reinforced the message that “welcome is the core of our culture and community.”

Printed Campaign

Cedar Rapids 2022 Print Campaign
Cedar Rapids 2022 Print Campaign
Cedar Rapids 2022 Print Campaign

Social Banners

Cedar Rapids 2022 Social Campaign
Cedar Rapids 2022 Social Campaign

The Success Story

When we shared the script with the project managers of the City of Cedar Rapids, they were moved by how accurately we captured who Cedar Rapidians were and where the city was going. The video serves as a beacon of pride to its residents, extends open arms to tourists, and encourages residents to continue speaking the language of welcome.