It’s safe to say nobody (brands included) is who they were pre-pandemic. Whether your business moved online, your office is working a new hybrid schedule or your target audience shifted, your brand must evolve to stay relevant as we come out of the pandemic and move forward.

We have identified 3 areas to re-evaluate and how to adjust your brand strategy accordingly. Has your target audience changed? Is your current messaging still speaking to the right people and meeting their pain points/needs today? Is your brand’s competitive edge still relevant post-pandemic?

  1. Target Audience: We recommend reviewing your primary and secondary audience as they are today post-pandemic. Living and working under different circumstances has most likely shifted your customer’s pain points. Stop and look to see if the same pain points you were solving for in March 2020 still apply today.

  2. Messaging: Most consumers or businesses (if you are B2B) changed their buying process over the last 15 months. The way they travel through your sales or marketing funnel may be different. Review your messaging on your website, social media, pitch decks, etc., and make sure it is speaking to the information they need and when they need it to move from consideration to conversion.

And while we are on the subject of messaging, be sure to update any content that speaks to your business procedures during the pandemic if you have gone back to business-as-usual hours, etc.

3. Competitive Positioning: While you are reviewing your defined audience personas and brand messaging, take a close look at your competitors, both direct and indirect. Are there new options for your prospective customers that didn’t exist before? Is your competitive edge still relevant or did someone move in on your turf, positioned to steal your customers? We have seen serious change in how customers are living and buying and what they deem as important. We have also witnessed brands pivoting to meet those needs and changing the competitive landscape.

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