Kansas Leadership Center is a Nonprofit Educational Institution funded by the Kansas Health Foundation.
We work with the Kansas Leadership Center to produce the Journal. KLC is committed to fostering leadership for stronger, more prosperous Kansas communities.
Goal & Objectives:

A non-profit organization committed to fostering leadership for stronger, healthier and more prosperous Kansas communities. Train Kansans at all levels to lead more effectively by gaining skills, mobilizing others, and moving forward.

  • Overcoming the growing number of situations crying out for leadership in Kansas.
  • Meeting the need for greater leadership, more action, and better outcomes.

Target business, government, education, nonprofit, and faith sectors within Kansas resulting in:

  • People who have the ability to greatly impact culture.
  • People who gain clarity of purpose, practice leadership behaviors and leave with a plan.
  • People who will use our leadership framework to help thousands to move forward.

The Kansas Leadership Center’s heart, purpose and primary focus is on Kansans. Although roots in our home state are deep, our reach spreads beyond state borders. People visit us from as far away as Australia, India, Saudi Arabia and Ireland along with countless states across America.

Most important campaign statistic:

Out of 1,705,537 registered voters in the state of Kansas, 1,184,402 voted in the general election on November 8, 2016.

Evaluation and results:

The Kansas Leadership Center has the goal of fostering leadership for stronger, healthier and more prosperous Kansas communities.  There is no better expression of leadership than exercising your right to vote in America.  When nearly 1.2 million Kansans turned out to vote this past November, the goal was met.  This single, organic post on The Kansas Leadership Center page reached 85,345 people.  It garnered 3,610 reactions.  And was shared by 941 people.