Every quarter, we work with The Kansas Leadership Center to produce The Journal, a publication that dives deep into community and leadership issues in Kansas. Last summer’s issue “Running Out of Water, Running Out of Time” won the Burton W. Marvin News Enterprise Award from the William Allen Foundation at the University of Kansas for Karen Dillon’s story last summer on the challenges facing the Ogallala Aquifer. We’re so proud of the KLC staff and the work they do to implement and show leadership in making our world a better place. 

The Burton W. Marvin News Enterprise Award is a big deal. It’s the Pulitzer Prize of Kansas Journalism that’s been claimed by many we admire like The Kansas City Star. If you haven’t picked up a copy of The Journal, or are unfamiliar, we recommend you check out @kansasleadershipcenter or KLCJournal.com for informative journalistic essays and writings by area leaders.

A huge congrats to the team that worked to earn this award! From left to right: Bruce Janssen, our very own Clare McClaren, Journalist Karen Dillon Bruce, Chris Green, and Jeff Tuttle. Congrats @kansasleadershipcenter! ??