Adding Pixels to Our Story with an In-house Content Creation Studio

Understanding in a glance. This is what great visuals can create. Photography and video have the power to make a viewer feel something, to forge emotional connections that help your audience understand and relate to your brand. Photographs are essential components of brand messaging because they can clearly and succinctly communicate many layers of a brand’s identity. Photographs add pixels to your story.

We recognize the power of photography and video in communicating a brand’s story, which is why we’re thrilled to introduce a new level of Novella Brandhouse: Novella Studio. The Studio group collaborates along side the creative and marketing teams to create photography content for organic social media, paid social media campaigns, paid digital campaigns, traditional ad campaigns, and collateral, along with video content that can be used for organic social media. Additionally, the in-house content creation studio develops and posts social media content for clients.

Jenny excels in using her photography to bring your story to life.

The Novella Studio team includes photography, social, and content specialists who can bring platform-native ideas to life. From integrated campaigns to stand-alone ads, our experienced team of brilliant designers and content producers get your brand noticed. 

Jenny Wheat, an award-winning Kansas City photographer, will bring her light-hearted and energetic approach to her role as the Director of Content Creation for Novella Studio. Jenny holds expertise in a variety of genres, from headshots to food, lifestyle, marketing, events, products, interiors, and more. She has earned accolades in her hometown market, but she has also traveled around the world for photoshoots in India, Costa Rica, and the salt mines of Ontario, Canada. Jenny excels in using her photography to bring your story to life

Understanding in a glance. This is what great visuals can create. 

Click here to see a sample of her work–you’ll see the vibrant beauty of high-quality ingredients, the joy of summers in Kansas City, the confidence that accompanies fierce fashion, and more. We think you’ll feel something.

Our studio space is inside The Bauer building on 18th Street in the Kansas City Crossroads, just a short 5 minute walk from our current office at 17th and Main. If you’re interested in learning more about how photography can enhance your brand story and make your content strategy sing, let’s talk. Grab a spot on our calendar.