When has a brand outlived its relevance? Your brand strategy should not be something that changes with the wind but it’s also something that isn’t static and set in stone for as long your business or organization exists. A good brand strategy stays in sync with your company for at least 3-5 years.

When you think about your current branding, both the visual brand and the messaging, is your gut telling you it’s time to refresh or even, rebrand? If you find the following to be true, it’s time to revisit your strategy.

Your company has pivoted and is no longer effectively communicating the unique value proposition.

Or, the competition has changed the landscape and your current positioning just isn’t hitting the way it used to.

Maybe, you’ve evolved as a company so you are no longer serving the same audience. A good brand strategy refresh can get you back on track with qualified leads and foot traffic that buys.

(Re)Branding Your Success
Comfort is the enemy of growth. It’s important to dive into uncovering what’s making your business successful. How can we make the most of that through a rebrand that communicates the heart of your company to your current target audience?

For an established company, rebranding can also mean creating a brand that will grow and scale with you. One that informs every aspect of your business. Your brand drives everything. Your business challenges could be a brand challenge. You’re not the brand you once were. Whether you’re building a legacy, adding services, or becoming a new version of your old self, you need a brand that communicates your new identity.

A revamped brand can help you stay relevant and is an opportunity for you to brand yourself in a way that reflects your business today. We’ve found that a new visual brand and messaging can often revive a business, earning new clients or gaining rapport with current clients.

Growth means evolving. A refreshed brand brings your company into the now. It’s a solution that starts at your core and can help aid in customer/client retention and opportunities. Ask yourself, “Are you attracting the right people or selling yourself short?”

Rebrands start like any other brand. This means a deep dive into what you’ve been doing, where you intend to grow, the corner of the marketplace you own, and who you serve. If you feel your current brand is holding you back, we can help! Grab a spot on our calendar to schedule a free 30 minute consultation.