Beginning in 2020 and continuing on into 2022, colleges across the country have experienced enrollment declines. Both large universities as well as community colleges have been hit particularly hard. Branding and marketing are always important but in a tough competitive market or down period, the messaging and strategy must resonate and feel authentic to prospective students. 

As a WBE-certified company, we work with higher education institutions on everything from brand strategy to marketing campaigns. One of our strategic partners is Sonority Group. They bring industry expertise when it comes to colleges building a competitive advantage with new methodologies in education marketing and enrollment conversion. Last year, we worked together (along with our Strategic PR Partner Bond Moroch) on East Tennessee State University’s online program to develop a refined name, brand platform and marketing campaign. 

Sonority Group recently shared an article identifying when to hire a firm to handle education marketing. They outlined 8 tell-tale signs with “there’s traffic on your website but no quality leads” coming in at #1 on their list. Sonority says it can be because your marketing is delivering too few or poor-quality leads. They suggest teaming up with an expert to identify and solve the problem(s). Check out their blog for the full list of tell-tale signs it’s time to bring in an education marketing expert.