Our very own Lauren Osoba was one of 26 artists across the country invited to create a design for Alphabeast, a series of posters that draws attention to 26 endangered species in the United States – one for each letter of the alphabet.

Lauren’s poster is the Quino checkerspot butterfly. She enjoyed learning about the butterfly throughout the process and hopes her poster design will draw attention to its plight.

“I draw inspiration from nature in my work, which is one of the reasons I was excited to create a poster for Type Hikeʼs Alphabeast series,” Lauren said.

Her poster design showcases the Quino checkerspot butterfly, which has been classified as endangered due to loss of habitat caused by urban development.

“Order can be found in nature on a small and large scale, and as humans, we often disrupt this order,” Lauren said. “I mimicked the order found in nature within the poster design, using principles such as balance and repetition. I chose to emphasize the importance of the butterflies’ habitat by enveloping it in colorful flowers.”

According to their website, Type Hike was created at the intersection of two loves: typography and nature. The Alphabeast series pays tribute to the great beasts of our nation who are painfully close to extinction. Their goal is to help protect these beasts because words alone will not be enough.

In the coming months, the posters will be exhibited in galleries and universities across the country, starting with The University of Texas at Austin in early October. All 26 Alphabeast posters are now available for purchase on typehike.com. Additionally, the series is available as a set of 26 postcards or alphabet wall tiles. 100% of profits from Alphabeast will be donated to Defenders of Wildlife, a major national conservation organization focused solely on wildlife and habitat conservation and the safeguarding of biodiversity.

Lauren would like to pursue more opportunities in the future to use her design and illustration talents for good causes. Check out more of her work at laurenosoba.com or check out her Instagram (@laurenosoba) for updates.