From Deep Roots | Comes New Growth

New Growth Mo is a non-profit in West Central Missouri that does a lot of things to make their community better—everything from education to rural tourism, to helping small businesses get their footing, to acting as a professional matchmaker between innovative entrepreneurs and established businesses through community events. They came to us because they needed help communicating ALL that they do for their community under the umbrella of NEW GROWTH. And since a few of the Novellistas grew up in the West Central Missouri region, this project, in particular, pulled at our heart (and home) strings.


New Growth Responsive Website SOLUTION

Rich in History | Ripe for Growth

We worked with NEW GROWTH MO to create brand messaging (tagline, brand statement, key messages), and a responsive website that displayed their talents in an accessible way. We love how it came together! New Growth is doing countless things to create a sustainable entrepreneurial community in rural West Central Missouri. It’s a vibrant community, so we included vibrant colors and bright photos depicting the beauty of West Central Missouri with roots and opportunities as rich as the soil.


Visit to explore New Growth’s mission, events, and updates.


“We are so proud of our new site! It’s already helping people find and understand New Growth’s work. Novella worked with us patiently and creatively all the way!”


Patty Cantrell

Director of Community Wealth Building

NEW GROWTH community development corp.

New Growth Logo Option #2

We created two logo options for New Growth.

New Growth helps create business connections within the community.

New Growth helps create business connections within the community.