Built Like a Mother

We worked with the incredible Kelsey Walsh Perry to help her launch her new women’s maternity workout line. Kelsey hustles to get stuff done and sweat it out. She’s an entrepreneur, an ACE certified Group Fitness Instructor, and a busy momma. But throughout her first pregnancy, she realized that her workout gear couldn’t keep up with her lifestyle. And that’s where the idea for duoFIT was born! Kelsey wanted to give women functional, fashionable activewear that could support them while they support their growing babies. We worked with Kelsey to help bring that strong and patient voice to her brand.

“Working with Novella to breathe life into the name, logo, and overall brand identity of my maternity activewear line, duoFIT was an exhilarating experience. Being an entrepreneur and a small business, it sometimes feels like everything can be last minute. The team at Novella has been ready and able to help with quick turnarounds to ensure duoFIT’s success. They have also created beautiful and accessible assets, so I can be ready for the next opportunity.”

– Kelsey Walsh Perry, duoFIT

duoFIT Branding Collateral



The challenge was to introduce the new athletic maternity line using a modern and nurturing tone. duoFIT is a women-owned business that knows how to make mothers feel empowered.

Building a brand identity is essentially knowing how to tell your story in a way that speaks to your customers’ needs and edifies your strengths. Messaging and visuals work together to complement one another and deliver a powerful punch of identity and purpose so that your clients and customers know what drives you.





duoFIT is built to last. Like a mother, our activewear is made to support, endure, and sweat with you. duoFit’s smart style and design is built so that the activewear grows with you. It’s designed both for those chasing that intense workout and those needing a comfortable go-to for an easy stroll around the block. Because mothers can do anything.

One of our favorite brand messaging components was this poem:

Run a few miles,

Or just walk around the block. 

Make time for an hour of yoga, 

Or just find two minutes to breathe. 

Get in a few reps, a few steps, or maybe an afternoon nap. 

Embrace your changing body, Nurture your expanding heart. 

And when you’re ready, get out there. 

Welcome to Motherhood. 




With brand messaging and visuals ready to go, we created a brochure packed with powerful branding, playing on the duality of the power of motherhood. Heather Morrow did the photography, which was a beautiful display of the power and grace of the human body and lifted up the brand messaging.

It was also an honor to see our tagline in in bright lights over our favorite city at the official duoFIT launch party!