Brookside is home to married couples with kids and a bustling household, or young millennials who have recently settled in this beloved Kansas City neighborhood. Brooksiders love the small-town charm of their community that is more than just shops and restaurants, but also a thriving area with regular events.

Primary: Female, age 35-60, HH income $100,000 Digitally plugged in via desktop, laptop, mobile devices.

Entertainment Seekers: Former Brookside resident Active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Zip codes: 64113, 66208, 66205, 64114, 64110, 64131, 66206, 66207


The goal of the Brookside Art Annual is to promote the Brookside CID as a family-friendly community full of arts, culture, and entertainment. The goal of the campaign is to increase foot traffic and awareness of businesses and entertainment, shopping, and services in the Brookside area through the BrooksideKC social platforms and the Facebook event. We also wanted to use this event to increase video traffic.

Success/Results Video:

We earned 273 minutes of viewed videos. The Brookside panorama shot had 240 minutes viewed and 991 video views. And the Chris Cakes Pancake Breakfast video had 37 min viewed and 205 video views. Engagement was really healthy during this period, with lots of clicks and shares, which also boosted our “people talking about this”, reach, and impression numbers. 55 of our posts reached more than a thousand people! That’s half of our total (110) posts this period.

Posts reached 1,476.35 people on average per post. BrooksideKC’s Facebook profile gained 105 new followers during this time period, for an overall total of 6,783. The BrooksideKC page reached 162,398 unique users throughout April and May. That’s about 23.94 people reached per post.

Most Important Statistic Local:

Top posts highlighted the Brookside Art Annual, eating and shopping local.