Why IG TV?

Instagram TV is an emerging marketing tool that businesses can greatly benefit from. It makes watching digital videos on Instagram easier and more user-friendly and searchable, allowing users to create their own unique content and share it with followers.

Instagram has introduced its newest feature: IG TV. Instagram TV is a way for anyone, not just high-profile people or celebrities, to be a creator on Instagram. Followers will be able to see IGTV channels from any account they follow that also has produced an IGTV episode or channel.

IG TV is Instagram’s way of evolving with the ever-changing times and trends. Nowadays, more and more people are converting from watching television to more digital video. Younger generations especially seem to favor spending more time with amateur content creators rather than professionals.

What’s so different from regular videos?

Instagram TV is intended to make viewing videos more convenient. IG TV is customizable, allowing users to choose their viewing options.

IG TV is made for fullscreen, vertical viewing whereas videos on YouTube are traditionally made for horizontal viewing. This way users won’t have to turn their phones sideways in order to watch the video. Users can customize what they want to watch through the viewing options, “for you,” “following,” “popular,” and “continue watching.”

Just like the normal feed, users can like, comment and send videos to friends through direct messages. For this beginning phase, there are NO ads on IG TV. Eventually, Instagram will be looking into a revenue-sharing deal with partners.

How do I start creating?

Instagram TV was created for individuals to communicate their style or brand through video. Anyone can create IG TV videos and share them with their followers.

First of all, you must create a channel of your own. Your channel is where people can watch videos you’ve uploaded to IG TV.

The next step is to start creating content/videos that you want to upload to your channel. Instagram has established specifications for video format on their IG TV Help Center Page.

How to have the most success with IG TV

Instagram TV has a lot of room for success and growth. IG TV is a fairly new concept that does require a bit of planning in terms of identifying what you want to communicate as a brand.

IG TV is meant to complement your Instagram feed.

Branding yourself through social media can play a big role in your cohesive marketing strategy. Creating brand-driving content is key. Videos need to clearly communicate your brand’s identity. Stay relevant, make a regular publishing schedule and stick to it.

Start off by posting 2-3 minute long videos. Likewise, YouTube videos typically find success in under 3 minutes. Capture high-quality videos only. (Since you can’t record videos from within the app itself, you will have to use your phone’s camera app.)

Reduce distractions in the background and take advantage of good lighting. Know your audience. Essentially, your IG TV audience will be similar to your Instagram following. Followers will respond best to content that is similar to your current feed.