Dear Friends,

From the firstĀ #BLMĀ protest in August 2014 to protests now happening all over the world in response to George Floyd’s death, the last couple of weeks have been a time of real reflection and listening to the voices of the movement.

Here at Novella, we always preach, POST WITH PURPOSE. Listen, first. Engage, second. We have been listening/learning with open hearts and minds. This brought about a dialogue amongst our team and ultimately better understanding. We are still learning! We know that we all MUST DO BETTER.

Let’s all promise each other that we will do better as a society. You cannot ignore the issue of systematic racism any longer. Please continue to listen and learn, and find ways in your own life and community to make a change.

Today and moving forward, we will be using our platform to share resources, conversations, and more around #blacklivesmatter.
Keep moving the movement forward.

Peacefully and Thoughtfully,
The Novella Brandhouse Team


photo cred: The Fuzzed Up BearĀ