We believe in the power couple of creativity and strategy. Developing, designing and launching integrated, cross-channel, creative marketing campaigns is at the core of what we do. We call it strategy-infused creative work — aka beauty and brains! We pair beautiful brand elements and smart, thoughtful messaging that moves with serious marketing strategy so companies can scale.

These days, it seems some companies are favoring quick data, predictable strategy and cheap ads over creativity. Brands chasing a promise of affordable outsourced marketing, analytics and the biggest bang for their buck risk missing out on creative, fresh opportunities to stand out in the crowd and be a market leader.

Creativity is the lifeblood of branding and marketing. A creative campaign that is on brand — and one that your audience can see themselves in — helps your customers understand what you offer and why you’re the best choice in the category.

An inspiring headline or image builds brand awareness and lands a sale. With careful research, strategy and design, creativity allows your message to resonate, leading to higher brand recognition and loyalty.

Along with our strategic partner, Bond Moroch, we launched an integrated marketing campaign for Abita Brewing Company, Louisiana’s first and largest craft brewery. The goal of the campaign was to regain market share in the greater New Orleans market, one that had become oversaturated with new competitors in the local craft beer space.

We share this example because we could have taken the easy way out and created a predictable campaign of showing people around NOLA drinking Abita beer and having a good time. But, we dug deeper. The “It Just Makes Sense” campaign capitalized on the quirks of New Orleans and a beloved beer. People loved it! There was buzz about Abita beer. There was chatter about the ads. More importantly, the creative campaign garnered over 26 million impressions and increased product sales from 12%-441%. 

As our creative director likes to point out, creativity that isn’t “pedantic” is the secret weapon to outsmarting your competition and winning the hearts and minds of your audience. Your customers have so many options, so it’s crucial to understand their needs and provide them with the solution they’re after. Having a successful marketing strategy means allowing creativity to take the lead. Be memorable.

While we are creative thinkers, we’re strategic and business-minded, too. It’s not enough to look pretty; you have to be pretty smart, too (hence, beauty and brains!). Embrace creativity and be equipped for the road to success. We are a full-service branding and marketing firm that works with scaling companies armed with a complete range of creative capabilities. If you are ready to get creative (like, REALLY creative), let’s chat.