Abby Ventura, Production Coordinator at Novella Brandhouse



Abby earned her Bachelors degree in graphic design and commercial art from Pittsburg State University. As an art director, she uses our strategy and brand stories to craft compelling visuals. She works with the visual brand from conception, curating just the right typeface and harmonious color palette until the brand is ready to make its appearance in the world through packaging, print, and web-ready designs. 

Abby has a heart of gold and spends her free time working with a nonprofit based in NW Arkansas as a mural designer taking children’s drawings and incorporating them into community murals to be displayed around their local communities and schools. (Swoon)

She has a fondness for well-organized folders and spaces and iced coffee. Abby and her husband enjoy traveling, especially when it’s to the Cliffs of Moher. She will never turn down chips & queso. 

We like to pass notes.
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Novella Brandhouse is certified by the state of Missouri and the City of Kansas City, Missouri as a Women Business Enterprise (WBE) & Small Local Business Enterprise (SLBE).

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