Women built. Business focused. Creativity Powered.

We’ve done the big agency thing. We’ve done the blue-chip corporate design thing. The Chicago thing. The Los Angeles thing. And a few spots in between. Relocation brought us both back to our hometown of Kansas City, and a coffee date in 2009 led to a partnership that grew into Novella Brandhouse.

Growing up in the industry, we dated some mammoth brands. We flirted with dancing through the layers of authority it takes to move the needle at organizations so large even finding the restroom was a challenge.

But then we fell in love. With wide-eyed entrepreneurs. With passionate business owners (the hardest working people you’ll ever meet). With successful companies that refuse to rest on their laurels and still think like young kids with a dream. We fell for getting in the trenches with real people who had personal stakes in the game (beyond their next promotion). There is nothing like helping people make their dream a reality. We’re hooked.

As a growing company ourselves, we understand the unique challenges businesses and organizations face as they scale. We’ve had the great joy of partnering with companies as they hump that big hurdle, launch that exciting new product or make that big move. Success for us doesn’t lie in big industry awards (although those are fun and we’ve picked up an armful along the way), success is when our clients become our friends and their businesses soar.  

Thanks for growing with us,

– Liz & Clare